The Complete Power Solution Provider

Imported UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Stabilizer, Transformer, Solar System, Dispenser

The Complete Power Solution Provider

Imported UPS (Commercial, Industrial & Medical Grade UPS) Single Phase & Three Phase UPS, Double Conversion & Delta Conversion Online UPS, System 1kva to 800kva Imported Series Power Line Conditioners (Single Phase & Three Phase Auto And Isolated) 2kva to 300kva UPS Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1kva to 10kva Built-In Stabilizer & Hybrid Solar System 1kw to 50kw Solar Panel (European Brands) Batteries Stabilizer/ AVR (Single Phase & Three Phase) 2kva to 30kva Isolation Transformer (Single Phase & Three Phase) 2kva to 40kva Hybrid Solar System Pure Sine Wave Built-In Stabilizer & Solar Charger, Patrol Pumps, Dispensers, Solar Systems, Telecom BTS, Hybrid Solar Solution, 1kw to 15kw Telecom Tower Inverter / UPS Telecom Rectifiers 48V / 24V / 110V System Capacities 24 Volts DC – 30 Amp to 100 Amp 48 Volts DC – 30 Amp to 100 Amp UPS Range: Online Low Frequency UPS (With transformer): External Battery Online High Frequency UPS (Without transformer): built-in or external battery available Single Phase: 1kva, 2kva, 3kva,6kva,10kva,15kva,20kva,30kva 3/1 Phase: 10kva,15kva,30kva,30kva,40kva 3/3 Phase: 10kva, 15kva, 20kva, 30kva, 40kva, 60kva, 80kva, 100kva, 120kva, 150kva, 160kva, 200kva, 250kva, 300kva, 350kva, 400kva, 600kva Offline UPS: 400va, 450va, 500va, 600va, 650va, 700va, 750va, 800va, 1000va, 1200va, 1500va, 2000va, 3000va(1-3kva both built-in and external battery available) If You Have Any Concerns Then Feel Free To Contact us from all over the Pakistan for chepest rates and gauranteed best quality. Best Regards, Ahmed Pakistan Karachi Lahore Islamabad Faisalabad Peshawar

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P.E.C.H.S Block 6 Karachi Pakistan dealinpower (at) Call us: 0335-3472367
Contact Number:
(0092) / (0)335 3472367


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